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HELPLINE: 0300 123 5198

MK Money Lifeline: Our history

Over 20 years of experience in debt advice

MK Money Lifeline (MKML) has been a registered charity since 2012 but was operating for 11 years before that as the Community Debt Advice Service.

Over the years we have provided high quality debt advice, without prejudice or discrimination, to all in the Milton Keynes area. Our employees and volunteers have all been trained to Money and Pensions Service standards. Our training is delivered via Community Money Advice. We are based in Acorn House, Midsummer Boulevard.

  • New Life Church

    A team gathered at New Life Church as part of a community initiative to begin debt advice training to help those in need in Milton Keynes.


  • The Community Debt Advice Service (CDAS)

    The Community Debt Advice Service (CDAS) started operating in New Bradwell as part of New Life Church MK.


  • Name change

    CDAS became MK Money Advice and MK Money Lifeline.


  • Grace Church in Kingston

    MK Money Matters opened as part of Grace Church in Kingston, MK.


  • Acorn House

    MK Money Lifeline opened as an independent charity based in Acorn House.


  • MK Money Advice integration

    MK Money Advice integrates with MK Money Lifeline.


  • MK Money Matters integration

    MK Money Matters integrates with MK Money Lifeline.


  • MK Money Lifeline's 10th Anniversary

    MK Money Lifeline's 10th Anniversary. 10 years continuously working with the marginalised of MK and people with financial difficulties.