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HELPLINE: 0300 123 5198

MK Money Lifeline: Free, confidential, impartial debt advice for the city of Milton Keynes.

We are an independent debt advice service for anyone in need in Milton Keynes.

Our services are always:

  • free of charge
  • sympathetic – you will never be judged
  • confidential
  • face to face with a real person

Our advisers will:

  • take over dealing with creditors
  • help you manage your household budget
  • work with our clients for as long as they need help

MK Money Lifeline’s work is driven by a compassion to reach out to those who are in need or disadvantaged in our city. We have a team of trained debt advisers ready to offer help to people in debt, primarily through face-to-face advice.

Debt has a massive impact on individuals: it can provoke feelings of fear, shame, guilt and anger and can feel like being in a prison with no way out. We know it can make every part of life hard and stressful and make someone feel that they can’t face another day. MK Money Lifeline offers people in debt a way out and our advisers can help them to get free. We have helped hundreds of people across Milton Keynes to not only get out of debt but taught them how to remain debt free in the future.


Need Help Now?

MK Money Lifeline have helped manage millions of pounds worth of debt since 2012. Find out more about how we can help you.

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MK Money Lifeline values any donation of time or money to ensure our work can continue.



A wide range of resources and links are available to help you understand how to manage finances effectively.

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Our Work

The work of MK Money Lifeline is driven by a compassion to reach out to those who are in need or disadvantaged in the city of Milton Keynes. Our vision is to enable as many people as possible in the city of Milton Keynes and surrounding areas to understand and manage their finances effectively, reducing debt problems and the related emotional challenges such as stress, anxiety and poor mental health often experienced by those who are in crisis with their money.

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We are affiliated with Community Money Advice, a national charity committed to supporting churches and community groups who have a passion to help people overcome their money problems.


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MK Money Lifeline drop in centres in Milton Keynes

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Frank Moran Centre

Tuesdays 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Melrose Avenue,

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